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How we can help?

MathQuest Tutoring has been helping students since 1990, serving over 100 students each year. 

About our TUTORING


At MathQuest, we strongly believe in the importance and effectiveness of one-on-one tutoring to improve the grades of students. We offer high quality, private tutoring services to students ranging from Gr. 3 to Gr. 12, as well as adults. Our philosophy is to help students of all ages maximize their learning potential by providing them tutors of the highest quality. 

  Homework Support: Help with classroom assignments and tests – supportive tutoring that targets what a student is doing right now in school.

   Remedial Teaching: Teaches new concepts and re-teaches concepts not clearly understood. We can fill in gaps where student has missed classes or changed schools.   

   Learning Enrichment: Teaches in-depth and beyond the basic curriculum for those who need more academic challenge.